Sunday, 27 May 2012

Story 1- Part 3

10 minutes flight time away two RAF Boeing CH-47 Chinook twin-rotor helicopters and two USAF stealth modified UH-60 Black Hawk. Captain Roger “Tactics” Tackle was pacing the leading Black Hawk. He hated aircraft and he just wanted to get down on the ground and fight. He was mainly a true soldier, wanting to get down into the dirty work. He needed to get down and start fighting, and he could do so as soon as the sniper contacted him.
There was a crackle of static as the two-way received a message from the sniper. The message was news. Bad news. He opened up a line to the pilots and told them to bank hard right.
As the stealth helicopter banked he opened up a line to the other helicopters and briefed them on the current situation. He enunciated strongly in his southern English accent what the sniper had told him: “I have just received intelligence from the sniper. He screwed up. When he shot the first man, the next man was just coming round the corner so he didn’t have time to scope his next man properly. He hit him in the chest. Whilst this was a kill shot he cried out as he went down. Another guard raised the alarm and now we are facing a fully fledged, if small, army. So that is why we are putting into place Instructions Beta. All aircraft will open hatch and door gunners will advance to position. Aircraft will remain in a tight circle above Takana and primary targets are as follows: Anti-Aircraft guns, turrets, although unlikely to exist, must also be taken into account for, along with Tanks and RPG-wielding enemies.” As if to accentuate the need for the anti-aircraft guns to be taken out there was a dull thud as an explosive round embedded itself into the strengthened metal skin of the aircraft. He made his way to the opening hatch as people around him rushed to obey his commands. He was a powerful person in this section of the army and he was well liked by most of the people he leaded. He sat down on the seat and took aim at a particularly nasty looking anti-aircraft gun.
In one of the two Chinooks, the highly trained, if gun ho, marine gunner .He sat down on the seat and took hold of the dual handles of the door gun. He wheeled round in the chair and, with the aid of one of the UH-60s, took out one of the anti aircraft guns. He watched as the ammunition ignited and sent the Taliban fighters surrounding it were sent flying. A tank turned its ugly great turret towards the helicopter. He let loose a lethal stream of tracer bullets, ripping the tank apart with a deadly tattoo and igniting the fuel tank, killing anyone in the vehicle instantly. As the satisfying sound of the Gatling guns glowing bullets slamming into the useless armour of an un-expecting tank died away the gunner saw a rapidly advancing plume of smoke and fire heading towards them. An RPG had been fired at the helicopter. He swung the heavy machine gun around and tried to shoot down the explosive but he knew it was too late. He felt the heat of the device fly past him as it continued along the inside of the dual-rotor helicopter towards the cockpit. The last thing that he thought before the helicopter was ripped open was that it was all his fault that they were going to die, but then it was gone, like his body, into the whirling desert wind.