Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Story 1- Part 1

It was a cold night in the Middle Eastern desert. The townspeople of Takana new that Al Qaeda forces lurked among the town ,but they also knew that those who stood up to them disappeared. Permanently. The only moving things were litter being blown about by the wind, and a couple of night watchmen walking around on their patrol. That was all about to change.                                                                          
The man in the Ghillie suit was lying as still as he could. Amongst the shrubs and dry grasses on the rocky outcrop there was little chance of being spotted, but the man thought it best not to take the chance.
Operation Hunting Knife had been planned several weeks ago. The town of Takana had been under surveillance for several months as the joint SAS/U.S. Marines special ops taskforce Tiger Squad had already known, (with assistance from an American RQ-170 Stealth Reconnaissance Drone), that Takana was a minor Al Qaeda threat.
That had all changed around 3 Months ago. An armoured vehicle arrived at the stronghold under cover of night. This was not suspicious, however what the thermal imaging device stationed in a Global Hawk UAV drone was. The trucks inside was very hot. Only one thing could have caused that heat. Nuclear decay.
When a nuclear reaction occurs, the remaining fuel is still radioactive. This radioactivity is mainly released in the form of heat. Lots and lots of heat.
The remaining planning was simple. But you will find out what happens later in the story. The sniper lied there in the midst of the grass, calming down and trying to ignore that the entire operation was down to when he decided to pull the trigger on his silenced Barret 50 Cal. He was suddenly roused from his state of meditation by the beeping of his 2-way radio- The go ahead. He stared down the Night Vision ACOG scope and aimed at the guard’s jugular- it was best to avoid the chance of a cry- and pulled the trigger.

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